Do you have Bossy Boots?

bossybootsWe are proud to present this guest post from Michelle Hunter of Michelle Hunter Creative.


Someone recently asked me to take a look at her website. She wanted my thoughts on what she could improve. You see, her site just wasn’t generating very much new business…and she needed to start getting better results.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there a time or two.

Now, before we go any further I just want to say that my friend’s work is beautiful. She is an interesting kind of artist… someone who takes found items from flea markets and estate sales and transforms them into one of a kind pieces worthy of a museum or sculpture garden. I wish I could fill my home…and my life… with the kind of gorgeous pieces she creates.

Her website is filled with high quality images. In fact, it’s a type of sensual experience for the eyes. Who needs Pinterest? I can lose hours looking through her work and reading her blog posts about the creative process.

She writes well, too. I’m not too proud to mention that I coached her when she first started blogging…helping her weave her natural sarcastic wit into her posts and showing her how to set up a system for collecting ideas and posting consistently.

But, in spite of all our efforts, my friend was frustrated. Her site didn’t seem to be delivering the level of sales she’d longed for when she brought her business online. Most of her work still came from referrals and live art shows. Not exactly the results she hoped for.

So she came to me and asked me to analyze her site content and share my candid thoughts. So I did. Here’s what I told her…

It’s time to put on your bossy boots and clearly ask for the sale.

Does that surprise you? Does it resonate deep in your heart…and maybe make you a bit uncomfortable? You’re not alone.

I’m a copywriter and business strategist. I work primarily with creative entrepreneurs – artists, writers, life coaches, and designers – people who see the world a little differently and share their vision with the rest of us… people who make the world a better place with their work.

I love the passion and energy creative people bring to their work. As a writer, I know what it’s like to get into the zone and start making magic. I experience pixie dust too…and I’m addicted. That’s why I work with creatives. I love people like you…

But if I could do just one thing for each of you, it would be this — > I would buy you a pair of Bossy Boots. You’d just have to put them on and prance around a minute or two and you would be filled with confidence. You’d know just the right way to talk about your work – and then boldly ask for the sale. And you’d get more revenue… and your business would prosper… and you would bring more creative work into the world.

Doesn’t it sound magical? I think so too.

So – I’ve never actually seen Bossy Boots in the store. But that’s ok. You can still write sales copy as if you have them on…or you can just grab a pair of boots that make you confident and use them. I don’t think there are any rules about magic. That’s why it works so well… you just have to believe.

What do I mean when I tell you to ask for the sale? I mean ask for it. Tell people how to contact you and why they would want to… tell them how to work with you. Share clearly what services you offer, what products you sell, and how they can buy. And don’t be ashamed. Be confident.

So – back to my friend.

Visitors to her site assumed – since nothing on the site told them differently – that her work was only available for purchase at live events or directly. They didn’t realize she would ship pieces around the world or take commissioned assignments.

Her online store was buried in the text at the bottom of her portfolio main page. Her contact page didn’t include any info about why someone should contact her. She never created a clear path to purchase…and it cost her money.

Together we made some simple changes. She started talking about how to purchase when she wrote a blog post or on social media. Not in a pushy way…just in a natural way.

And hey – this made all the difference.

So what about you? Isn’t it time you put on your Bossy Boots?

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