Featured Designer: Giulia Gazza

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I am delighted to take a momentary departure from our world of printed patterns to share with you the work of Giulia Gazza. Giulia designed and created all of the beautiful embroideries that you see here.

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“Since my early academic years I graphically started from the point [dot] as a primitive geometrical concept; in my thesis I reached the idea of the point as something that denies itself, a negative form rejecting its surface.

In this phase of my investigation I’m examining the point, as an act: the act of stinging a surface, that denies automatically and at the same time represents the very essence of the point – “a point that exists but is not visible.”

Again, it’s a point that proves itself in repeating itself – in its integrity.

It erases itself in its non-essence.

The point, seen as an element concentrating in itself a sound of its own, a matching poetry of its own.

This research has accompanied me for two years, during which my work went through several change of aims and experimentations with different materials, always assuming more than a purely meditative activity.”

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You can see more of Giulia Gazza’s work on her website. Enjoy!


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