Found Patterns: Origami

As pattern designers we often look to two-dimensional patterns and designs for inspiration, often ignoring the potential inspiration in those three-dimensional works of art around us. In today’s post we would like to highlight the work of origami artists who inspire us and encourage new and innovative pattern design concepts.


Images via: (clockwise from top left)  Origami Menger Sponge – 1” by Rory Parle (cropped from original),  “origami butterflies” by J E Theriot (cropped from original),  “Wesley Chin’s Dodecagonal Flower Crown” by Jorge Jaramillo (cropped from original),  “Origami” by Alberto “Origami Bogota 2014 (108)” by Jorge Jaramillo “Origami” by Helgi Halldórsson (cropped from original),  “Dulcinea (designed by Uniya Filonova)” by Jakub Solovský tessellation” by Joel Cooper

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