Field Trip: a New Pattern & Illustration Event

Field Trip is a “new pattern & illustration event conceived by a small, but diverse group of talented and established artists. It was created out of a mutual desire to connect with clients in person, in a way that felt fresh and updated.” This event will be taking place on Monday May 16, to coincide with Surtex, and is invitation only. Interested pattern buyers can request an invite via the Field Trip website. Surface designer Kelly Ventura (one of nine participating designers) was kind enough to tell us a bit more about this exciting new event!

Can you tell us a bit about how the idea for Field Trip was conceived? What made you choose to hold this event at the same time as Surtex?
Field Trip was conceived around the idea of bringing artists and clients together in an intimate, casual, fun setting. The idea is to have the chance to see our current clients and celebrate those relationships, while also opening up the opportunity to foster new ones. Every year, so many of our clients make the trip to New York for other design-related events, so in terms of timing, it just made sense to us. The event will be held on Monday, May 16th from 2:30-7:30, in a bright and beautiful loft in the garment district, not far from the Javits, so it will be easy for clients to take the Field Trip to see us.

Can you tell us a bit about the different artists involved and what types of artwork buyers can expect to see? 
It was very important to us that this event be curated, and that each of us brings something unique to the table. So, clients can expect to see beautiful prints, patterns and illustrations, in a variety of different styles — from clean and organic, to bold and graphic, to quirky and hand-painted. Our website showcases each artist, and clients can see a small sampling of what we’ll have on offer, as well as links to further explore each artists’ work. It’s a truly diverse mix of styles from a group of established artists.


How did this group of artists initially connect? How did you all communicate and plan the logistics for Field Trip?
This community of pattern designers and illustrators is so warm, encouraging and inspiring, so many of us met through mutual love of each other’s work, and by connecting by social media. We swim in the same circles! The process of putting this event together was very organic and has been a wonderful experience — it’s amazing to see what happens when you put together a group of strong, entrepreneurial, talented women! We are all working towards the same goal, all chipping in and helping each other along the way. The collaborative aspect has been incredible. Because we all live in different cities (and some on different continents!), we’ve been in touch regularly by email and some fun video meetings too.


Who do you hope will attend Field Trip? Are you gearing this event toward certain customers or markets?
We have all invited current clients, for that much-loved and too-rare face-to-face time. But we also hope to attract new and interesting clients that are looking for a curated art experience in an casual setting. We want to offer clients established art brands so they can hit the ground running with new collaborations. The event is by invite only — companies interested in attending can request an invite via the website.

What are your goals for Field Trip? Do you foresee this being an annual event?
The goal of Field Trip is for clients and artists to get together, review new artwork for purchase or license, and discuss collaborations. Our event will be intimate, so our focus is on quality over quantity — connecting great artists with great clients, and even introducing clients to each other — you never know where sparks will fly. In terms of this becoming an annual event, we’re going one step at a time right now, but if it’s a success and the format is well-received, we’d love to continue in years to come!


Anything else you’d like potential attendees to know about Field Trip?
We’re looking forward to seeing everyone and chatting over a glass of wine or a cocktail, having some nibbles… and did we mention there will be a DJ? We can’t wait to celebrate this great community we’re all a part of, and foster some new relationships while we’re at it.

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