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Noa Ambar-Regev is a textile and surface pattern designer who designs for children’s apparel and home décor, as well as for the stationery and quilting markets.

Noa founded her studio in 2011 after completing a degree in Fashion Design with excellence. She named it PINEAPPLE, after the vibrant and uniquely-shaped fruit.

“With the birth of my first child, I became fascinated with the world of children’s apparel and home décor. My designs have since been inspired by the imaginative world of children. I create whimsical and quirky child-like motifs by hand. I like to use sharpie markers, pens, pencils and pastels for drawing black and white images. I then scan and color them digitally in vibrant colors.

When creating patterns, I am inspired by the growth process in nature and the way that small repeating details (a cell, a leaf, a feather…) create something greater and beautiful. I see pattern design the same way, as laying out small images, sketches and motifs creates a beautiful and eye catching surface.”

Noa’s surface pattern designs are available for licensing and purchasing and she is also available for freelance and custom design work.

Visit Noa at or check her out on InstagramPinterest, or Facebook.

Noa has put together a wonderful tutorial for our Textile Design Lab Summer of Creativity course, in which she shares her process or creating interesting textures using lace. You can join the Lab here to have access to the post when it is released tomorrow!

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