Textile Design Courses: Sellable Sketch & More

We have two textile design courses coming up in the Lab this month and we would love for you to join us!

Through years of experience (okay, trial and error), I have discovered investing a little time in my craft now helps me out a great deal in the future. Exploring new processes, techniques and textile design courses helps designers to feel more prepared and inspired when it is time to sit down to design. At the heart of it, I believe we all want to experience this type of self-awareness. Here’s two ways that you can empower your design process:

Textile Design Course: Sellable Sketch  

On Monday, October 12th The Sellable Sketch Group-Study starts in the Textile Design Lab. This course is one of the most popular in the Lab. Over the years, it has helped designers become the master of their careers by guiding them through the process of creating collections that can open up new doors and opportunities for them—not to mention keep them a bit more inspired and productive.

In The Sellable Sketch course, you are going to find the solutions you need in order to:

  • Take the guesswork out of your design process
  • Rediscover or define what your artistic style is and how you can make it work for you
  • Incorporate new ideas into your artwork authentically, helping you to create fresh and unique work that others want
  • Hone in on your intuition and innate sense of creativity so you are comfortable being your art director

You can take the guesswork out of what to design each season. You can become more confident in your decision making skills and feel confident about what to design, who to market your work to and where you fit it in our industry.

As a designer taking this online course, you will also receive free access to WGSN Fashion or Home for the duration of the course. If you haven’t experienced how valuable that is, you can soon!

Here’s the course schedule:

  • Week One: Discovering your artistic style
  • Week Two: Identifying the ideal client, agent, or market for your artwork
  • Week Three: Get inspired—without losing your style
  • Week Four: Creating the plan for your surface pattern collection and collection guidelines
  • Week Five: Creating your main pattern
  • Week Six: Creating your coordinating patterns
  • Week Seven: Conducting a collection review and creating an engaging presentation

Upcoming Course: Photoshop for Designers I & II

On Monday, October 19th we are running our last group-studies of Photoshop for Designers I & II. After these group-studies we will be removing these courses from the Lab forever!

When I first started designing digital prints and patterns I was terrified of Photoshop. It felt very clunky, difficult to control, and it took me a long time to figure out anti-aliasing. Pixels were everywhere!

Fast forward ten years and I’m excited to share a different opinion of Photoshop. It is now my design program of choice. The limitless options that were intimidating once upon a time are now freeing and empowering. I’m able to create patterns based on my paintings with little digital intervention and able to prepare the patterns for the wet-printing production process with Photoshop’s powerful indexing tool.

How did I learn Photoshop? I’m self-taught. Admittedly, because of this I’ve picked up some bad habits over the years. The thing is, I didn’t even know there were more efficient ways of working in Photoshop until I started learning new techniques from Photoshop expert Sherry London.

You’ve likely heard Sherry’s name by now. She’s been kind enough to share some of her tips for our blog and has been a part of our community for years. But her group-study, Photoshop for Designers, is a game changer.

The Photoshop for Designers group-study begins on Monday, October 19th, and includes all the important aspects of working in Photoshop. You will gain detailed insight and build the skills to effectively:

  1. Work from scans
  2. Work with images
  3. Work with brushes
  4. Edit your designs

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Our Textile Design Lab community is amazing—a home for designers just like you to find resources, support, and textile design courses to elevate your career trajectory in design. One small investment for your career that offers an opportunity for one giant return on your results!

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