Found Patterns: Rain

Rainy days might seem dreary, but to look at them through the lense of pattern design is one way I’ve come to appreciate less than ideal weather. From droplets on a car window to the tiny ripples in a puddle, rain creates an abundance of natural textures that can serve as inspiration for a pattern. The next time it rains, grab your camera or your sketchbook and see what interesting shapes and patterns can be found in the drizzle!


Images via: (clockwise from top left)   “Raindrops, Mammoth Hot Springs” by Yellowstone National Park “Rain” by Jim Champion (cropped from original),  “Rain makes circles” by tanakawho “rain” by Vikramdeep Sidhu (cropped from original),  “rain on doorstep” by andres musta “Rain” by Matthias Ripp “raining” by nathan esguerra “Eső előtt, eső után” by Roland Molnár 

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