Repeat Downbeat: Luscious Painterly Patterns

(L) Pattern by Jen Peters (R) Pattern by Studio Josien
(L) Pattern by Jen Peters (R) Pattern by Studio Josien

In this week’s Repeat Downbeat we are exploring luscious painterly patterns. The abstract, loose painterly style of these patterns captured my imagination and I could not resist sharing them with you. I hope they delight and inspired you, as well!

First up is this beautiful painterly pattern by Jen Peters. Jen is a graphic designer and illustrator based out of Los Angeles. What drew me in to this pattern was how it was with a loose, camouflage feel, which makes the piece so intriguing! I particularly notice how she added in the delicate line work to highlight the trees and mountains in the scene.

This next selection is one that I am really excited about, as it was shared with Pattern Observer when we held our last 5-day Design Shakeup. @StudioJosien added this beautiful pattern to our #patternobservershakeup feed after completing only Day Two of the challenge. I love the bold marks and the addition of the dots as a fun accent motif. This is a great reminder of how inspiration can strike quickly when you accept a fun, “shake-it-up” challenge.

(L) Pattern by Rachel Parker (R) Pattern by Farida Zaman
(L) Pattern by Rachel Parker (R) Pattern by Farida Zaman

Rachel Parker of @pixel_thread added this beautiful photo to our #patternobserver feed. What really intrigues me with this image is how you can see her Evie floral pattern printed onto Melino Linen. I love the bright color palette and the yummy painterly texture that is expressed throughout—it really draws you in when you look at it! Check out Rachel’s Etsy page to see more beautiful work that is available.

If you are as smitten by loose painterly patterns as I am, you will want to be sure to check out the work of Farida Zaman, @fzamanart. Her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful paintings of flowers, leaves, animals, and other fun motifs. I love the loose style and bold colors that she uses in many of her pieces; very distinct and appealing.

After checking out all of these painterly patterns I am excited to get out my brushes and mix up a bright and bold color palette! If you love design, I think you’ll be inspired, as well. In order to keep inspired, please add #patternobserver to your next post so we can check out your latest work.

Have a great week!

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