Featured Designer: Tom Lerental

Stories captured in art; this is how I describe the work of Tom Lerental. Each design has interesting layouts, great color choices, and motifs that bring something fresh to the collection and add a new layer to the story.

“I’m a textile designer by training and passion, founder of Tomma Bloom design studio, based out of NYC. In 2017 I received my B. Design in Textiles from Shenkar College in TLV, Israel, and a year later moved to NYC. In addition to designing, these days I’m working on my graduate thesis addressing the issue of becoming, subject, and costume design.”

When you see work that relays stories, you cannot help but be interested in learning more. “Through the basic methods of textiles—patterns and structures, along with colors as an inseparable part of my designs—I tell a story. Whether it’s drawn from my everyday-life or from the history of art (as this Triadic Ballet inspired weaving), each one of my designs has a story behind it. As I believe design is a tool for and of knowledge, I try to address different cultures and heritages stories in my work. (Heyoka clown and Salvation Mt. are on my next collection!) I mostly weave and screen print in my daily work, always in quest for new techniques to learn.”

“My biggest tip for everyone out there is to shout your dreams out loud. Dreams are meant to come true. In my case, I really want to make rugs and carpets. Does anyone know a cool manufacturer to collaborate with me? :)”

Be sure to check out Tom Lerental’s amazing work here.

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