New Collection: Dappled Light

Be the calm, be the quiet, while nature is active and bright. Nestle in its warmth and look up to the sky for comfort, security, and hope. There you’ll bask in the Dappled Light. This new collection is a celebration of the comfort, hope, and security that nature provides us. These original paintings are now available at our online store but only for a limited time.

I began creating “Dappled Light” when Rita Patel led us through her transformative Creative Excursion exercise. Through this exercise, I recognized something powerful, a reminder of the comfort I feel under a canopy of trees, where dappled light dances and moves. It is in this place that I feel the most at peace, protected, and secure. These are comforting thoughts I wish to pass on to you.

Shop the collection here. Much love, Michelle

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