Upcoming Course: Pattern Planning for 2021

Or annual Goal Setting and Pattern Planning group-study is starting next Monday, December 7th and you are invited to join us!

This group-study is one of my favorite parts of our community’s year. I love seeing how we plan for the coming year and push our goals higher. This group-study offers an ideal opportunity for us all to support and encourage each other through the process.

But when I was preparing for this year’s goal setting group-study, I hesitated a bit. This year dealt a tremendous blow to so many people’s goals and plans, while disrupting so many aspects of our lives. I thought, so what’s the point? Maybe I should take the year off from goal setting. I mean, who knows what the next year has in store for us? Maybe I should just ease into the year and see what happens.

But that didn’t seem right. I had a heart-to-heart with myself and gained what I feel is a better perspective.

So many of us look forward to goal setting and planning for a new year. Goals are tremendously motivating and give us a blueprint for success. I know in my business, goals help me to know what I should be working on, especially when I am feeling overwhelmed and lost. They are a guiding light when things seem to be falling apart. This is why I am choosing to double down on my goal setting efforts, and I hope you’ll join me. Personally, realizing that so much in the coming year will be outside of my control, I am planning on choosing goals that I can control. Such as website revamps, updating our ten years’ worth of blog posts here on Pattern Observer, and having fun with my new project, My Favorite Brush.

How about you? What are your goals for the year? What projects bring you joy and feel within your control in the coming year? Is there a particular artistic style you want to explore? Are there a certain number of patterns that you would like to push yourself to design each month?

These are the questions that we will explore in our upcoming Goal Setting and Pattern Planning group-study. In this course, we’ll clarify your goals for the upcoming year, and breaking those goals down into quarterly tasks to get you there. At the end of this course, you will feel focused and in control—ready for this upcoming year. You’ll know exactly what steps to take and how you can use The Textile Design Lab to achieve the goals you’ve laid out before you.

Here’s Our Course Schedule:

WEEK ONE: This week’s focus is on Goal Setting

  • Monday: Welcome and reflection on the year 2020
  • Tuesday: Identifying a long-term vision
  • Wednesday: What do you hope to achieve within the next year?
  • Thursday: What needs to happen to achieve your goals?
  • Friday: Create your quarterly goals

WEEK TWO: This week’s focus is on Pattern Planning using WGSN Fashion or Home

  • Monday: Quick Start Guide for WGSN
  • Tuesday – Thursday: Free time to explore WGSN and choose trends to focus on in 2021
  • Friday: Tips for increasing productivity and time management

I would love to have you as a part of our online design community, the Textile Design Lab. Explore all our courses here —they are all included in your monthly membership. In addition to these courses, your membership includes access to all of our live training and art critiques, design challenges, and tutorials.

Join us here. Let’s show the new year that we are ready to make the most of it!

  1. Thanks Michelle, I think getting together to set goals is great, I have certainly lost my focus in the last 2 months & welcome some group guidance.

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