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Geometric Pattern Designs by Alison Greyer

I am such a fan of Alison Greyer’s dynamic and energetic geometric pattern designs. They are bold, uplifting, and are a dance of color and shape. It was fantastic to learn more about Alison’s work.

The first thing Alison shared with us was some insight on her background and how she began creating her geometric pattern designs. “I completed my degree in Textile Design in the beautiful and historic walled city of York, in the UK. This was in the days before mobile phones, email, or the internet! (I can’t believe I can actually say that!) For a time, I worked for some publishing companies on greeting cards and gift wrap. Then I had a complete about turn and went off to train as a Counsellor, which I did for twelve years. However, upon a move to Manchester, I had the opportunity to spend time back at a printmaking studio. I was hooked! I took a yearlong Complete Printmaker course and after that, there was no stopping me. I just made art in every spare second with an inspired obsession. Eventually, at the start of 2018, I stopped my counseling practice and now I am concentrating on growing my studio, Prints & Press. It’s easy to love every minute of it!”

With such an inspiring story, it was great to get some insights from Alison on how she has managed it all. She said, “Go with your gut and never ever give up on your dreams. Also, make the work that you’d love to see; not what you think is in fashion or trendy. Don’t look around to see what others are doing, because it’s so much more interesting to find your own voice. Stay true to yourself and your aesthetic. Also remember, you’ll make tons and tons of work before you see your style and your voice, so don’t give up too soon.”

When it comes to design, it was nice to hear a bit about the geometric pattern designs that Alison has included for us to see. She shared: “I have included the products which I have created from my pattern designs. It’s a range of homewares which includes placemats, coasters, cushions, and lampshades. All of these designs were originally made using collage, a medium I really love to work in.

“I am inspired by colour and shape and love the energy that is created by putting two or more colours together in interesting ways. As I create my designs, I constantly look for a shape combination that I haven’t seen before. Or if the energy really jumps off the page to me. Then I know I’m on the right lines! Nowhere is this more evident for me that one of my recent works, the piece Soul Songs. I have made a whole series of these collage pieces during lockdown. There is also a photo of my studio desk covered in shapes!”

Thank you for sharing, Alison! View more of Alison’s dynamic work here.

  1. I love this post. It seems there are always painterly florals everywhere and not too many geometric patterns. Good to see geometries are still going strong 😊

  2. Great post – thanks for highlighting this lovely work. Tempted to order some tea towels 😊

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