Romantic Textile Designs by Nina Leth

There is only one way to put this—Nina Leth’s work is gorgeous! I find it to be an exploration of elegant, refined patterns that sweep you away to another world through the motifs and layered layouts that she creates. The colors are soothing, romantic, and enchanting in her romantic textile designs.

Like for many of us, Nina’s life changed with COVID. Here is how: “During the COVID, I quit my (boring, not creative) job, since it was not working with 3 kids at home and my husband working almost nonstop. While he prepared Copenhagen for all the new restrictions from COVID, the time to decide came. With his support, we decided it was my ideal chance for a full-time career. I had just landed my 2nd drawing job for the Social Government, so that helped me to see it was a good choice. Today, making patterns is what I am all about. I love to convert these items into art bags and target art museums as clients. In the future, I want to add pillows and wall hangings.”

Romantic Textile Designs by Nina Leth

Nina has found a way to work through the challenges that have arrived with COVID. I was quite curious to see how she was making it all work and creating her romantic textile designs. Her answer made me smile. “Right now, all that’s important is getting the kids back to school—which just happened! They’ve missed the kids and the conversations with them, so this is great, one problem solved! For me, both personally and professionally, I just wish everyone would get their bloody vaccine and enjoy a fuller life once again, both at work and at play. The one good thing about all that has happened is it has provided us all an opportunity to think about what really matters in our life.”

I find Nina’s approach to work and personal happiness is impressive. “After completing five coloring books—black and white, of course—I am now creating designs that are filled with strokes, color, and romance. I call my signature style ‘raw romance,’ since it is both romantic and moody. I try my best to get some complementary colors into my illustrations and also add a lot of light/shadow. My work is slow, but I work in every hour I can, and this is the result I am aiming for. So far, the work is digital, done in Procreate, but I have started some old fashion watercolor paintings for designs. I tend to focus on birds and the florals they like the most.”

Enjoy more of Nina’s romantic textile designs on her Instagram page.

Romantic Textile Designs by Nina Leth. Featured on Pattern Observer

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