Today we are featuring the work of Susana Miranda, a freelance illustrator based in Madrid, Spain. 

Susana began the journey of her creative career in Italy as a fashion designer, which was always her dream job. She loved working with different fabrics and building color palettes and collections. But she didn’t love how fast fashion worked, so she quit after twenty years of working for a Spanish fashion company and developed her career as an illustrator. Since then she has illustrated several books and focused on mastering watercolor painting.

Susana has always loved textile designs and was used to working with textiles and patterns in fashion design. So when a customer asked her to design a pattern with her watercolor painting, she began to invest in learning more about pattern design. Pattern Observer’s Portfolio Development Guide was helpful to start the foundations of her portfolio.

Now she is teaching an online course on Skillshare with all that she has learned about pattern design and how she sees and designs patterns based on her experience working in the fashion retail world.

She usually finds her inspiration in a picture’s color palette and then looks for motifs that can fit and evolve into a beautiful design or collection. Other times she creates loose prints that are one off prints. Watercolor florals are the foundation of her portfolio. After painting, she edits them with Photoshop. She also enjoys working with Procreate and Illustrator.

You are welcome to see her patterns and the rest of her newest work on Instagram or her website. She hopes you enjoy them and don’t hesitate to contact Susana for any inquiry or collaboration.

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