“On the Inside” at godfrey park place

So my goal of this weekly “On the Inside” post was to learn more about interior textiles and to pinpoint the best way to use them. Simple, right? I have discovered that I love spaces with a plethora of textiles/ graphics/ paintings etc…this is no real surprise, but this week I was on the hunt for something a little different..something that opened my eyes a bit. and voila ! Angie Hranowsky! She is a Charleston, South Carolina based interior designer who has so many beautifully unique houses in her portfolio that it was difficult to pick just one for today’s post. But, what caught my eye about this house is the combination of bold, clean textiles alongside such textural and expressive pieces of artwork. and…..the colors, the colors are so unique! I think my favorite is the plum dining room with the graphic chairs and the hits of vibrant blue. yum…

angie also has a great new blog, check it out here.

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