Pattern People x Ace Hotel

Happy Friday!!! I am always excited to spread some Portland news so I was delighted when the ladies of Pattern People sent over a photo of their latest project.

“On October 1st, Pattern People participated in Content at the Ace Hotel in Portland, where designers were each given a room to make their own for a day. Pattern People’s idea was to cover the room in patterns; wallpaper, bedding, pillows, etc. But, instead of working at full-scale, they re-created the room in miniature complete with tiny furniture, plants, working lights and of course, surface designs wherever they could go. To finish it off, the diorama featured a peep-hole view through a fish eye lens which added to the miniature magic. It was then placed behind curtains which hid the actual room interior from sight.

Peering into the looking glass, viewers expectations and perceptions were challenged. Many assumed they were looking into the actual room, some were confused by what they saw, while others were delighted at the perceptual shift they were forced to make. A few of the observers asked, “Why won’t they let us in? I want to be in there!” Pattern People’s miniature adaptation of the room offered viewers a visually stimulating experience which left them in all states of wonder.”

Isn’t this cool?

I also want to take a moment to remind you of the Gardens for Health Pattern Contest. Entries are due by October 27th. I hope you have a great weekend!


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