Feature Designer: Sanne van de Goor

These stunning pieces are the work of designer Sanne van de Goor who graduated with a degree in graphic design from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Since graduation Sanne has worked in book design, graphic design and most recently entered the world of textile design. I was immediately drawn to the texture, movement and obvious passion seen in her work and I have a feeling the textile design bug has bitten once again! To see more of Sanne’s work please visit her website.

I know I was a little quiet this week, but I have an informative post scheduled for next week that I am really excited to share! It covers design calendars and will help you figure out which season to focus on based on your industry, style and customer. I spent this week wrapping up one big client project, starting another and updating the Sellable Sketch for CS6. Over the next few months I will be updating all the courses, which is a pretty big undertaking, but I feel that it is essential! Are there any tools in CS6 that you are just loving? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a great weekend!!!!

  1. Hi!
    took your Sellable Sketch course and loved it!
    Looking forward to CS6 update.
    I love the pattern maker feature in AI CS6, but am having trouble using it for complex patterns. Hoping your course will cover this.

    1. This is interesting to hear Julie. Thanks for sharing!
      I have not made it to this feature yet (saving the best for last), but I will let you know my thoughts.
      The repeat feature will not included in the Sellable Sketch, but it will be a part of the UGTR update.
      Thanks again!

  2. Hi there,

    Do you have any resources on copyrighting issues ie. how to protect your work? Especially when used in online forums like blogs or Pinterest?

    Thank you in advance for your reply!


    1. Hi Jacquie!
      I don’t have any on hand, but I will keep this in mind for a future blog post!
      Honestly, there is little that you can do to protect your work if it in online, especially if you are using it in a marketing capacity (blogs, pinterest, etc..) If you are selling your work online I recommend having a password protected aspect to your site. There are also other things that you can do, such as using low-resolution photos, watermarks, etc..but if someone wants to copy your work the opportunity is still there! This is not the answer that many designers like to hear, but it is the reality of being a commercial designer.
      If I come across any information I’ll be sure and share.
      Thanks for the question–Michelle

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