Featured Textile Designer: Tamar Branitzky

Tamar Branitzky describes herself as a “textile designer, scarves maker, and collector of feelings.” Tamar’s eclectic mixed-media prints stem from her “vivid imagination” and “seem to be taken off the easel, to be worn as a work of art” in the form of her luxurious scarves.

Tamar Branitzky1Tamar Branitzky 2015 (2)sTamar Branitzky2

 .Tamar Branitzky scarves collection A/W 2015. All rights reserved to Tamar Branitzky. Made in Israel


“The new 2015 scarves collection has been inspired by textures of old textile fabrics- such as: jeans, velvet, lace and silk. The fabrics that were used as inspirations were cut and stitched together as handmade collages, digitally printed.

The textures of fabrics are regarded by the designer as if they were a panoramic view of landscapes, nature, views of the sea and urban environment.

Each printed scarf is signed with Tamar’s personal signature and printed in a limited edition of 5 copies per model.

The scarves are made of the most feminine fabric-couture chiffon.

Tamar’s scarves and shawls are sold in museums shops and high class boutiques in Israel and around the world and online.”


You can read more info about Tamar’s background and methods in this wonderful video, or visit her on her website, Etsy, Instagram or Facebook. Have a great weekend!
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