Featured Artist: Tyson Anthony Roberts

Tyson Anthony Roberts is a contemporary visual artist based in Sacramento, CA. He studied biology and art at UC Davis and continues to pursue those interests as a landscape painter. In his painting, Tyson is inspired by rural and urban landscapes and values traveling to provide subjects to work from. Tyson has exhibited his work in California, Washington, New York and London.

All paintings below are 22″ x 30″ acrylic on paper.
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“These paintings are inspired by landscapes in and around my city. The painting style itself is a culmination of abstraction and gestural brushstrokes which lends to playful airiness in the work. I aim to paint landscapes in a way that has a rhythmic pattern of varying colors and hues, while staying somewhat true to the subject matter.”

If you love these expressive, texture-rich pieces as much as we do, visit tysanthrobe.com to see more!

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