Featured Designer: Cynthia Robledo

This flurry of patterned eye candy comes from Cynthia Robledo, head designer at Harapos Decyng. “Harapos” is a nice way of saying rags in spanish and “decyng” is from “design by Cyn.” Cynthia specializes in screen printing fabrics, and experiments with other surfaces, such as wood. “The design of the prints arises from my own need to express ideas and images and to communicate something. This is how these decorated patterns are born, “expressive fabrics” loaded with emotion, color and images that convey stories.”

There were way too many beautiful products to post them all, so please go check out her site (don’t miss the amazing baskets!). She also has some cute FREE wallpaper downloads in the download section. Have a fabulous weekend! – Michelle

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