Featured Designer: Marta Spendowska

Happy Friday pattern lovers! Today I am featuring the wonderful work of Marta Spendowska. Marta is from Poland, but is now based in the ol’ USA where she works as an illustrator, surface pattern designer and web designer. “Today I think in repeats, watercolors and HTML. Pattern and motif creation happens a second after I close my eyes. Coding for me is like discovering the perfect shade of turquoise. It’s all the same joy.”

Marta has been successfully selling her illustration (mainly portrait and perfume illustration) artwork on FAB.com, she’s been licensed with Deny Designs and the new European venue YouArtMe. She hopes to work in fashion illustration more and more. To see more of Marta’s work please visit her website.

I hope that you had a wonderful week filled with the work that you love. We are busy over here gearing up for the Sellable Sketch Workshop, working on repeats with the fantastic designers who registered for the UGTR workshop and creating prints for a number of Summer & Fall ’14 collections. It is a whirlwind!

Have a great weekend!!!


4 Comments on “Featured Designer: Marta Spendowska

  1. Some of her work reminds me of candy wrappers, because of the colors… Others are kind of childish, youthful, reminds of children’s toys and how their rooms are usually decorated, yet somehow very “traditional”, like a twist on an old wallpaper. Really intriguing.

  2. Intriguing is a wonderful discription of Marta Spendowaska’s work. I keep wanting to go back to it.

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