2015 Textile Design Competition Semifinalists

I am beyond thrilled to announce the ten semifinalists in the P&B Textiles and Pattern Observer 2015 Textile Design Competition! Two hundred designers entered the contest and the P&B Textiles design team had an extremely difficult time narrowing it down to these top ten. I honestly don’t know how they did it!

Each of the semifinalists will receive a one year subscription to the Textile Design Lab and move onto Round Two in which they compete to win a licensing contract with P&B Textiles. Without further ado, I give you the ten semifinalists!

Amy Reber


Judge comments: Adorable and whimsical – great layout and coloring – very timely and useable.  It would be great for a coordinate to be multi-directional.

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Julie Marriott


Judge comments: Beautiful tonal floral – love the packed layout – very useable – color palette is terrific.  A coordinate that is multi-colored would be a nice addition.

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Tracy Miller


Judge comments: Ethnic but modern all at once.  The designs are very well done and the brighter palette keeps it fresh and new – the coordinate is adorable.  Something a bit more substantial would help bring the collection together.

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Jackie Jean


Judge comments: Two main florals were sent – although not coordinates each are beautiful in their own right – sophisticated and great color palettes – could be two separate groupings – now we need a coordinate that jumps off of the main theme.

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Laurie Kent


Judge comments: A great paisley grouping well coordinated with a lovely palette – perhaps a main design instead of a coordinate to be added.

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Gaia Cornwall


Judge comments: One of the few Xmas designs submitted but very creative and innovative!  Adorable thought and great coordinate – needs something that is more allover and could act as a main design.

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Jennifer Wambach


Judge comments: Beautiful watercolor floral and coordinate – great coloration very fresh – would like to see more coordination on the next design.

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Shannon Newlin


Judge comments: Floral and leaf watercolor is beautifully rendered and a great sophisticated palette – needs a multi-directional coordinate to round out the collection.

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Katherine Lenius


Judge comments: The poppies are beautiful – both as the main and the coordinate.  Very sophisticate and useable.  A coordinate to add would be something multi-directional and multicolored to match the main poppy.  The technique is lovely.

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Mitsziko Mote


Judge comments: A sophisticated Asian inspired look – beautifully rendered and love the background texture in the main.  Would love to see a delicate coordinate that works with the floral.

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