Sara Franklin and The Sellable Sketch

Today we are proud to feature the work of Sara Franklin, a recent alumna of The Sellable Sketch course in the Textile Design Lab. She created a beautiful collection over the course of this eight week design class, drawing on her “love of abstract expressionism, the home decor market and the feeling of freedom when putting paint to paper!” Sara has been able to apply the methods learned in the Sellable Sketch to her everyday work as a stationery designer, and hopes to sign with a textile agent soon.

Prior to taking the Sellable Sketch course, Sara struggled with “loving pattern design from a distance but not knowing where to start with this world. Having no prior experience in the textile industry, being fascinating by it, but the thought of learning how to create patterns, what to create and why all felt a bit daunting.” She now has an “understanding of the surface design industry in general, and of how to create patterns and collections. It is not the mystery world that it once was. So it’s great to just move forward with all this new knowledge.”

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