Featured Designer: Diane Sullivan

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Diane Sullivan’s path to surface design started with a formal education in clinical social work and a background as a potter for a number of years. Diane grew up in a rural community in upstate New York where she spent most of her free time in the outdoors, and gained a deep appreciation for the changing seasons.

“From a very early age, I have had an affinity for collecting and creating in nature. My camera and sketchbook are always with me for my outdoor adventures. During a hike, I “might” be known to fill my pockets with seed pods, feathers, stones, sticks, and anything else that might make its way into my art. I also love to leave behind nature collages made up of a variety of findings in the woods. My early creative years included a lot of nature and landscape photography.”

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As a self-taught surface pattern designer, with no prior knowledge of Illustrator or Photoshop, Diane describes how her “road to creating patterns came out of a desire to want to take some of my photography and create a single piece of fabric for use in some home decor projects. Once I created my first repeat pattern, I was “hooked.”


“All of my surface designs start with a hand drawn sketch. I am currently working in Illustrator to create my surface designs. I am deeply inspired by my love of nature and the changing seasons. Many of my patterns are a collections of motifs derived from my observations of texture and pattern in nature. 

My goal is to be doing surface design work full time. I hope to one day be creating fabric lines and home decor products.”

Please visit Surtex booth #2936 where Diane will be exhibiting with the Pattern Heads Collective. You can also view more of her lovely nature-inspired work at dianesullivandesigns.com.

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