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One of the highlights of my work day is scrolling through the Pattern Observer student form and getting to know each and every student. I love reading their stories, learning what they hope to achieve and then seeing their kick-ass work. Recently, UGTR student Jordan Graves, posted a video which features her latest collection, Arithmetic. Seeing these two art forms come together in such a beautiful way is so exciting and I am delighted that Jordan agreed to let me share it with you all today. Here’s a little bit about Jordan..

“My whole life I’ve loved math. Figuring out solutions and finding patterns in numbers always felt like a game to me. The Arithmetic Collection is driven by motifs that are three-dimensional visual representations of an arithmetic sequence, where the distance between each layer, where it’s the size or rotation, is equal.

Having studied motion graphics at SCAD, I’ve had an affinity for movement. My collection started out as motion tests, which gave me a quick way to generate different variations of forms to pick from for the collection.

I always knew that I wanted to promote my work through video. If a repeat is four times the width of the thumbnail you have on your website, so much quality is lost whether its from cropping or scaling. A solution is to pan through the entire composition! We’re drawn to patterns because of the rhythm we see in a flat image, and the rhythm of time strengthens it.

All my work, collections, process, and other experiments, are posted on my website”

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