The 2013 Pattern Industry Survey

Today is the day! The 2013 Pattern Industry Survey is now live!

Over the past few years so many of you have emailed us asking for industry statistics to use while developing business plans, applying for grants and loans, or contemplating major business or career decisions. Our answer, “There isn’t anything like this for our industry,” always disappointed me and together, I hope we can produce the resource which we all so desperately need.

Through this survey we aim to empower pattern designers, agents and buyers to make better business and career decisions. We will answer many of the most common questions surrounding the industry and produce a snapshot of how we, the pattern design industry, operates.

Pattern Buyers will learn: how much to expect to pay for existing patterns and custom work, the average amount of time spent developing a pattern, where to find the best new talent in the industry and more…

Pattern Agents and Sales Representatives will learn: where buyers are purchasing patterns, their thoughts on online sales, what buyers are looking for when making purchases and more…

Pattern Designers will learn: what income expectations to have, what sales and marketing tactics other designers are using successfully, how agents and manufacturers want to hear from you, what they expect to see and more…

The results will be shared freely with all who participate through a comprehensive report and webinar presentation. As a thank you for participating and sharing the survey we are offering the chance to win:

* A Wacom Intuos tablet

* A Business Coaching session with Michelle

* The Sellable Sketch Self-study course

* The Ultimate Guide to Repeats Self-study course

The survey closes on June 30th, 2013. Click here to get started.

Thank you for your support! – Michelle

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