Karen Weeks and The Sellable Sketch

We are thrilled to share this absolutely stunning collection created by Sellable Sketch alumna Karen Weeks. Not only are the prints wonderfully intricate and detailed, but Karen made use of a variety of layout styles and variations in scale so that every print has its place and together they form a cohesive, complete collection.
Karen’s goal behind these prints was to create “a bedding collection that captured the textures of handmade fringe, tassels, and embroidery. I had an image in my mind of a free-spirited woman, an artist, who came in from walking along the beach and casually tossed her fringed shawl across the bed. I wanted to capture that airy, summery feeling and that artistic spirit.”

I think the most valuable thing I learned from this course was to know and trust my personal style. Before this class, I took my style for granted – I knew I had one, but I couldn’t define it, even to myself, so I couldn’t use it to guide my creative decisions. Now that I have a better idea of who I am as a designer and who I am designing for, it helps me move forward when I get stuck and am not sure what to do next – I find that if I just sit down and start working, I can see whether I’m on the right path and make adjustments before I get too far along a path that’s not working. One key for me over the course of this class was the realization that I feel more excited and engaged in my designs if they tell a story, evoke a place, moment, or memory – real or imagined – like the woman and her shawl. That image engages my imagination and my creativity, and I hope that it comes through in my work – that my designs will spark something in the imaginations of the people who use them. Now that I’m working on my next collections, if I have an idea and I’m not quite sure whether I want to pursue it, I stop and think about what story this design could tell.”

You can connect with Karen via her Facebook page or Pinterest.
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