Featured Designer: Kali Kurtz


Kali Kurtz is a Brooklyn, New York based designer who is inspired by “imaginative worlds, child-like wonders and dreamy states of mind.”

“I have worked on the corporate side of the fashion industry for the last 8 years; the last 3+ as a print and pattern designer. I am just beginning the venture of working solely for myself, outside an office, as a print and pattern designer. My artistic style ranges from simplistic whimsical line art with playful color palettes, to moody geos/ watercolored motifs with a minimal color palette. Both styles often convey my love for the natural world and curiosities in life. I love print and pattern design because it takes more than just artistic ability- it requires a mathematical mind and an eye for spacial distribution. I will happily spend hours putting artwork into repeat and zone out into the puzzle in front of me. The process of putting a pattern into repeat is the perfect rest for your brain after exerting creativity, and often frustration. ;)”

View more of Kali’s lovely, whimsical work at her website, which she actively updates on a weekly basis.

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