Featured Designer: Ceil Diskin


Today we’d like to introduce you to Ceil Diskin of Ceil Diskin Studio and her lifestyle brand, Chez.

“The Chez debut collection includes custom textile designs for fabric, pillows, wall coverings and rugs. These unique and dazzling patterns instantly bring warmth and a positive vibe to any room. The lush and colorful patterns are original artwork, created digitally by Ceil Diskin, with the intent of bringing art off of the gallery walls, and applying it to useful objects that enliven daily living.”

Ceil was a graphic designer for over 20 years and is loving her new calling in the pattern industry. “My formal training was in traditional disciplines including painting, printmaking and photography. I started working digitally about 15 years ago, making collages in Photoshop. Now my work involves merging the rhythms and shapes of graphic design with lush colors and textures to make patterns for textiles and surfaces.

I find inspiration in just about everything around me—from construction on the street, to plant life and store displays—I like to reinvent what’s unexpected.”

To see more of Ceil’s work, visit ceildiskin.com. Have a great weekend! -Chelsea


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