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“Florentina Print” is the alias of 24 year old designer Florentina Fischer Pereyra from Montevideo, Uruguay, who recently finished her studies as an architect. Florentina creates intricate hand-drawn florals and paisleys and trend-right photographic prints, all infused with a healthy dose of color.

“Firstly, I thought I wanted to become a fashion designer and afterward I got involved with architecture; but when I discovered the pattern and surface design world I realized that this was my thing. However, I don’t regret studying what I did, it really helps me to open my mind and discover infinite inspirations.

So I started to develop my career as an artist three years ago creating my artistic name: “Florentina Print”. I have not got the chance to work professionally as a pattern designer yet, but with any luck I will do this for a living someday!

Drawing has been my passion since I can remember, I really enjoy creating colourful art.

My best inspiration is focused on nature, I just love tropical flowers and birds, specially parrots and flamingos… that’s why I also look up to the Brazilian look, mostly Rio de Janeiro’s image because of its tropical and vivacious mood and culture. I really love vibrant and bright colours, fuchsia and turquoise are my favorite, they truly look so amazing in everything I can imagine.”

See more of Florentina’s work on her Facebook and Pinterest pages. Have a great weekend! -Chelsea

  1. me fascinan sus creaciones ,entramados hechos a mano,conjugados en un vibrante colorido que energiza el entorno,otros en una sola tonalidad, donde se impone un toque muy personal.

  2. I was bored and looked up my name and came across your prints and fell in love with them. They speak directly to me. The patterns, the nature and the colors really connect to me… to think we share such a unique and might I add beautiful name and then to share a passion for such art….it is one of a kind. Continue to pursue your dreams. I hope to hang a piece of your prints one day in my home. Much love.

    Florentina Weiss

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