Featured Designer: Antonela Del Vecchio


Antonela Del Vecchio is a surface and textile designer from Argentina, currently living in Germany. She studied Textile Design at the University of Buenos Aires, graduating in 2008. “After that I worked for textile factories in the production area until 2011 when I moved to Germany. Since then I’ve been working as a freelance designer.

I have always been fascinated by fabrics and patterns. Ever since I have memory people could find me working or playing between threads and fabric scraps.

The designs I make are all hand-drawn, then scanned and colored in Adobe Illustrator. The final results are happy and spontaneous patterns with the beauty of the simple things. My inspiration comes from daily little things: I love taking pictures, to ride my bike, or just walk around my town looking at textures, flowers and nature.”

Antonela is available for commissions and licensing. See more at her website or blog (in Spanish) or check out what inspires her on her Pinterest page. Have a great weekend! -Chelsea

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