Neelam Kaur and The Sellable Sketch

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Neelam Kaur is a current Textile Design Lab member and recently completed our most popular e-course on the site, The Sellable Sketch. By the end of this course our students understand what elements lead to a successful print collection, the importance of staying true to your artistic style, how to pick appropriate trends and inspiration sources for your target market and how to develop a print from sketch to digital file in both Illustrator and Photoshop.

For Neelam’s final print collection, shown above, her inspiration was “drawn from nature, as I initiated the “Backbeat” (the theme or mood of the collection), I visualized a young girl who loves bright and fun colors however is subtle when choosing stuff for her room. Since the Collection was designed with Quilt Market as the Target Industry. Hence I knew that I wanted the colors to resonate well with my customer, remain true to my style and still maintain that subtle feel using clean hand drawn motifs.” You can see more of Neelam’s signature style on her website or Instagram page!


Prior to joining the Lab, Neelam writes, “I had never worked on Collections, however was keen to take this up and Textile Design Lab is where I started to work upon the same. After The Ultimate Guide to Repeats Course, I initiated the Sellable Sketch Course, which is about understanding your Design Style, market trends and the target market. I challenged myself for a Daily Sketch Challenge, where I try to explore my design style.

The Sellable Sketch gave me the direction, which I lacked earlier. Creating a Backbeat, developing that Money Maker or Focus Print along with co-ordinates which communicate a story.

I have learned so much from the SS Course. Crafting the Customer Mood board, Target Industry, Color Palette, best of all the kinds of prints, Free Flowing, Engineered, Half Drop etc…which I could only think of. [Layouts are covered in much greater depth in Surface Pattern Design Mastery, also available in the Lab.]

And the most important of all, the Team at Pattern Observer which makes you feel so comfortable, I really loved the team, and would thank for the support and guidance throughout. I strongly feel this is what makes the Textile Design Lab special.”


Neelam makes the most of her Textile Design Lab membership by participating actively on our forums, which are the main hub of communication in the Lab. There, our students make friends, network with other designers, and get personalized artwork feedback and career guidance. We also have monthly guest experts, host weekly live art critiques, and the forum is always open for individual conversations and questions. Join us today to gain instant access to all of the exciting features of the Lab!

At Pattern Observer we strive to help you grow your textile design business through our informative articles, interviews, tutorials, workshops and our private design community, The Textile Design Lab.

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