Carolyn Gramlich and The Ultimate Guide to Repeats

tdl-02The Ultimate Guide to Repeats (UGTR) group study starts on Monday, February 8th, 2016 in the Textile Design Lab! This week, leading up to the start of the course, we are celebrating the work of some of our talented alumni, starting with Textile Design Lab member Carolyn Gramlich.


About Me:

I’m Carolyn Gramlich and I design under the name Quidni. I’ve been creating patterns for as long as I can remember. After 13 years designing hand painted needlepoint canvases I’ve moved into the world of surface design; focusing primarily on the home décor and quilting markets. I’ve also used my design skills for custom cross stitch and Fair Isle knitting patterns. My motto is nothing is complete until it’s covered in a gorgeous pattern.

My design process is fairly simple: draw all the time on any surface available. I use good old-fashioned paper with markers, pencils and pens, iPad apps and Illustrator as my primary tools.

Pattern inspiration is everywhere. These patterns here are influenced by succulents at Descanso Gardens, the Pacific Ocean, beach umbrellas seen from above, Fair Isle knitting and even a screen door.


My UTGR Story:

All of the patterns on this page are based on rather simple repeats. You can take 3 very simple motifs – a heart, a flower and a triangle – recolor, rotate and resize and create several very distinct patterns.

I love clean, graphic lines and creating repeating patterns serves that obsession very well. There’s always an a-ha moment when a repeat takes shape. Even if you’re a designer who doesn’t generally do repeats, it’s well worth the time to experiment. It will take your art to a whole other level. And, to me, there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing your art in its full repeated glory.

The Ultimate Guide to Repeats course was instrumental my decision to move fulltime into surface design. Prior to UGTR I considered myself fairly well versed in how to create a repeat. UGTR showed me how to take my artwork to the next level. Anything you create can be made into a stunning repeat. There’s a huge world beyond simple grids and half-drops!


See more of Carolyn’s work at, or follow her on Instagram or Pinterest.


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