Featured Designer: Esther Jongste


Esther Jongste is a surface designer who was raised and is based in the Netherlands. In January 2014 she started her own surface design studio, EM | Surface Design, and from that moment on, being an artist became her day job.

Esther writes, “as a surface (pattern) designer I create professional and unique print and pattern designs for textiles, paper products, ceramics and accessories. Clean and simple artwork with an artistic twist, tailored for the intended end-product.

Most of my audience has to be found among the professionals in the textile industry. Right now I am focusing on the apparel market (swimwear and children’s apparel), the quilting, home craft and home decor markets. I am open for any other market where the manufacturers or agents are interested in designs characterized by my style.

My ideal customer is a freehearted, loyal, modern woman. Her home, family and friends are important to her. She appreciates artfulness and well designed clean and simple products. She loves home-made. Shops like West Elm and Crate & Barrel are her favorite.

Inspiration comes naturally when I am creating a mood board for a new project or experimenting with new techniques, materials or newly found ideas.

Because I am in a natural way inspired by almost anything, I prefer to design with specific design directions. For example: An indication can be a particular market within the industry or a fixed season or trend. Or a combination of these qualities as well. Pinterest, books and magazines are a great source for inspiration as well.”


“For the last two years Pattern Observer has been a great source of information, inspiration and education making my artwork more profitable.

At the moment, for me the most important goals are:

• Expanding my area of clients and agents.

• Working on my portfolio and promotion.

• Refining the organization of my business.

And last but not least, I would like to improve my writing skills to bring my blog, newsletter and other outings to the next level. Within a year from now, I hope to have discovered in which specific part of the market, I will have the best sales potentials for my artwork.”


EstherJongste-selfportraitEsther is one of our stand-out members to receive the Pattern Observer Award of Excellence, and can be found around the web at www.emsurfacedesign.com, and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Have a great weekend! -Chelsea


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