Inside The Studio: Tidal Beachcomber

Welcome to this month’s edition of “Inside The Studio”. This is a new video series that gives you a peek into what we are working on in the Pattern Observer Studio and will offer inspiration and guidance as you develop your own collections.

While I have been working on the launch of our new studio website and a few custom client projects, Chelsea has been busy working on developing a new collection based off the WGSN trend: Tidal Beachcomber.

As the name implies, this trend focuses on objects and textures one might find along the beach. From water ripples to textural shells washed ashore, an endless amount of print and pattern inspiration can be found at the beach and in our oceans.

The Tidal Beachcomber trend immediately caught our eye for its mix of hand-painted textures and hand-drawn geometric designs, two elements that we love to create in the Pattern Observer studio. Chelsea created this collection by going into what she calls “mad scientist mode.” She fills her desk with a variety of paintbrushes and media and whatever odds and ends she can find that might be useful for stamping (in this case cardboard rolls, mini clothespins, bubble wrap and Blu Tack) or as a resist (washi and masking tapes and hole punch reinforcement stickers.) She sets herself up with a mixing palette (using a plastic egg container and a paper plate,) water to clean her brushes, and keeps paper towels handy in case of spills, and then she just has fun and experiments to create various textures and patterns that she then layers and combines in interesting ways.

To see her step by step guide through her development process please join us in the Textile Design Lab. In addition to this tutorial, you’ll have access to countless design and marketing lessons to help you expand your textile design business. You can also check out our Tidal Beachcomber Pinterest board to get loads of inspiration and collection ideas.

If you are a buyer interested in shopping from our collection of patterns please email us for more information. 

I hope you have a wonderful November filled with creativity and inspiration!

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