Featured Designer: Joan Élan Davis

Rachel Boston – Actress, Producer (Witches of East End, In Plain Sight, 500 Days of Summer) – wearing Joan Davis www.twitter.com/RachelBoston, www.instagram.com/RachelBoston, www.Facebook.com/RachelBostonOfficial Photographer Nick Holmes @narcissusholmes.

Today we are thrilled to share the work of Joan élan Davis, International Floral and Abstract Painter.

Known originally for her signature floral paintings, Joan élan Davis’ career as an established painter has grown internationally. After several solo exhibitions in Shanghai and Suzhou China, art openings that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities from San Francisco General Hospital to Jenny McCarthy’s charity for autistic children and many more, Joan élan Davis took her paintings to another level. With digital abilities now, Davis transcends her huge scale paintings, some are 18x 20 feet and most are 32×32 inches, to a softer scale for textiles with huge potential in the fashion and interior markets.


“Most are large engineered prints that repeat on a big scale”, she explains. “This allows for more space within the design and it appears more like the original work of art than a simple repeat and stays true to the process.”

Davis works out of a private studio in the mountains of Lake Tahoe. “I worked in San Francisco for fifteen years in a huge private showroom and Tahoe, but with the internet and accessibility to whatever sources I need digitally, Tahoe has provided a lot of inspiration and space to work,” she says. “My newest studio has four painting areas and an industrial style textile painting studio. I can paint small and create a series and scan the images for repeats and engineered designs. And I can paint super large canvases, photograph the entire work and use it for a design or take pieces of it and create an amazing collection.”


Current projects for Joan include hotel entrances, custom private commissions for high end homes, (with coordinating wallpaper and pillow fabrics) and a couture line to showcase the Joan Davis brand. Davis also has a streamlined collection of dresses and athletic wear just now being shown to the trade as well.


“When your job means you start with a white canvas, you need to keep yourself inspired and open. I can be motivated by a trip to Hawaii or imaginatively stirred by reading a magazine from the early 70s!” Davis says.  (Davis has an extensive private collection of Art Magazines from the 1960s to the present; she loves to review for history and imagery in her studio). The possibilities are endless….”

Learn more about Davis’ work here: www.joandavis.com

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