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Textile Design Lab members Lisa and Larissa (a.k.a. Lala Print Studio) are a wonderful example of a collaborative textile design partnership and it is always a joy to see what the pair creates. Together they have put together a thought-provoking new training on on how to creatively acquire customers, as part of our Summer of Creativity course in the Lab. They have some great tips for finding clients in your local community and beyond! You can join the Lab here to have access to the post when it is released tomorrow. For now we invite you to get to know a bit about Lisa and Larissa and their business, Lala Print Studio.


“We are Lisa and Larissa, two childhood friends, who paired up to color your world under the LalaPrint name.

Despite our distance, we work closely together, bouncing off each other’s ideas, mixing our graphic and organic styles to create balanced original pieces according to our customer’s desires, and the relevant latest trends.

Larissa has a background in marketing, but is an artist by heart since her first years. Originally from Brazil, but citizen of the world by soul. Trained by the school of surface design of Pomerode, Larissa draws inspiration from her surroundings, the chaos of the big city, and the tranquility of the ocean a few blocks away. She has a hand for graphic, structured prints, constantly hand drawing, and experimenting with markers and colored pencils.

Lisa is a fashion designer by training, lover of the world by heart. Originally from Brazil, she is definitely a citizen of the world as well. She studied at FIT, and interned at CSM, but believes that true learning comes from experiments. She finds inspiration in her travelings, as she is hardly more than a year in the same place. Lisa has a hand for organic prints. Watercolor and ink are her favorite tools to use.

Lalaprint comes from finding our individual and cooperative creative spaces and from exploring the lives, dreams of people and the natural design of all things surrounding us.”

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