The “Lost in Space” Collection from Interiors by Element

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Interiors by Element has just launched their new ‘Lost in Space’ collection, “a dramatic collection of six rugs inspired by stars, planets and other celestial bodies. Shooting stars, the northern lights, the moon’s orbit around the earth and Saturn’s extravagant rings are just a few of the inspirations behind these designs.”

Founder Belma Kapetanovic describes the collection as being comprised of “deep navy and violet hues punctuated with electric pops of chartreuse, orange and teal. The contrasting colours and sharp, graphic qualities of the designs create a retro feel that is characteristic of our rugs and takes you back to a time when space travel was a prevalent theme in design.”

Interiors by Element also offers a bespoke rug design service and the “versatile, geometric nature of these designs means they can easily be adapted to suit almost any colour scheme.” Learn more at

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