Jane Lewis Scholarship 2020 Recipients

Our beloved friend and colleague, Jane Lewis.

We are thrilled to announce the 2020 recipients of the Jane Lewis Scholarship fund. These designers impressed our panel with their innovative designs and passion for the craft. It will be a joy to work with them in the coming year and welcome them into our online community.

We take this time to remember Jane Lewis, our beloved friend and colleague. While at P&B Textiles she helped countless artists and designers craft brilliantly curated collections. She loved discovering new talent within the industry and helping designers find their way. Her words and insights were cherished by everyone, and all who received them are better in their craft because of it.

Adriana Montiel

Adriana is a Mexican freelance illustrator who aspires to make patterns on upcycled textiles and experiment with new technologies to create an eco-friendly pattern design studio.

See more of her work on Instagram.

Design by Adriana Montiel

Ailim Melillan

Ailim Melillan is a visual designer and artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ailim has worked with companies such as Adidas and WeWork, but strives to create work that is more professional. She looks forward to growing her career through the Textile Design Lab!

See more of her work on her website.

Design by Ailim Melillan

Cecily Charles

Cecily Charles is a Textile Designer & Graphic Artist based out of Baltimore, Maryland. She graduated from SCAD in 2016 and is excited to create a portfolio that, “shows her eye for color, love for design, and ability to create conceptual work that is both on trend and creative.”

See more of her work on Instagram.

Design by Cecily Charles

Dina Hassan

Dina Hassan graduated in 2018, where she studied textile printing, dyeing, finishing, design and repeating patterns. Dina is looking forward to learning more about the digital design process and exploring her craft.

See more of her work on Instagram.

Design by Dina Hassan

Elettra Battini

Elettra Battini is a designer living near Venice, Italy. She has “always been “obsessed” with color and decoration”, despite exploring a career as a content editor and public relations expert in art-related industries. Elettra is ready to take her designs to a professional level through her time in the Textile Design Lab.

See more of her work on her website.

Design by Elettra Battini

Katarzyna Dobrowolska

Katarzyna Dobrowolska is a designer living in Poland who has had a strong passion for art since she was little. A little over a month ago she travelled to Barcelona for the first time, and left feeling inspired and ready to start creating art once again. She is excited to explore the world of textile design within the Textile Design Lab!

See more of her work on her website.

Design by Katarzyna Dobrowolska

Lesley Smyth

Lesley Smyth has been a decorative painter for more than 25 years and is excited to explore her dream of becoming a surface pattern designer. “Textile Design Lab is the stepping stone I need to move on, grow and become more professional. I imagine it to be a supportive environment and I am prepared to put the work in to gain the skills I need.”

See more of her work on Instagram.

Design by Lesley Smyth

Mariel Fonsalía

Mariel Fonsalía is an independent graphic designer with more than 15 years of experience working in local and international projects for music industry, technological companies, public organizations, NGOs and the academic journal Convocación. She is hoping that the Textile Design Lab courses will help her to organize her work, make a cohesive portfolio and understand the selling process.

See more of her work on Instagram.

Design by Mariel Fonsalía

Marilyn Foehrenbach

While Marilyn Foehrenbach has extensive experience in illustration, she has recently been working in arts administration and is looking forward to connecting with her creative side. “I still have so much to learn about the technical and business side of the textile industry. I know the Textile Design Lab will be pivotal in turning this goal into a reality, and give me the tools to take my destiny into my own hands.”

See more of her work on her website.

Design by Marilyn Foehrenbach

Nida Zulfiqar

“I’m a Surface Pattern Designer, with a Masters degree in Textile Design and work experience of 3 years in the Fashion Design industry. I am also a freelance photographer. My expertise are Digital prints. I want to excel in my career as a creative Surface Pattern Designer. My ultimate goal is to support and collaborate with the textile and design industry to achieve sustainable progress. This scholarship is a bigger opportunity for me to grow in the Textile Design Industry.”

See more of her work on Instagram.

Design by Nida Zulfiqar

Tahreem Sana

Tahreem has dreamed of becoming a textile designer ever since she was a child. “I like to meet new challenges and aim at new heights.” She is looking forward to exploring digital programs and printing methods during her time in the Lab.

Design by Tahreem Sana

Teresa Reynolds

Teresa is a talented designer who was recently featured at Pittsburgh Fashion Week 2019. “The exploration of pattern and all its’ illustrious form and variety is my lifeline and breath. They dress me. They heal me. Let me be the light I long to shine.”

See more of her work on Instagram.

Design by Teresa Reynolds

Terry Stone

After retiring, Terry went back to making art and almost by accident wound up designing textiles. “I am a textile designer because I think that making beautiful designs people can use to cloth themselves and create the environment of their home is important. With textile design there are never-ending design possibilities and being essentially a visual explorer, I can’t wait to see what is over the next design horizon.”

See more of his work on Instagram.

Design by Terry Stone

Tom Lerental

“A year ago, I decided to take a leap of faith and open my studio, Tomma Bloom. My creative work focuses on textile design and the way it translates into a surface – print, weave, and rug as well as to object design.” Tom is looking forward to continuing to strengthen her textile design skills as well as her creative and business thinking within the Textile Design Lab.

See more of her work on Instagram.

Design by Tom Lerental

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