Wendy Scheerlinck founded her Belgian design studio House of May in 2019. Educated as an architect and working as a project manager in hotel renovations for several years, she only found her passion in designing prints after the age of 40. Her style is contemporary, bold, abstract and colorful. The photographs in this article are taken by Buro Bonito.

At the heart of House of May lies a collection of prints that are more than just patterns. They’re a celebration of individuality, a tribute to those who dare to be different. These prints are an embodiment of her unwavering resolve to embrace diversity, to make the world a more inclusive place. But there’s another facet to House of May. One that draws from Wendy’s love for design, artistry, and thoughtfully curated colors, forms and textures: it’s a blend of (neo)-avant-garde, the timeless elegance of the 50s, the great eighties Memphis style, and the contemporary flair of today.

Wendy took her first steps in the beautiful world of surface pattern design in Adobe, but quickly found a more intuitive drawing software in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. She also learned a lot on Skillshare from fabulous teachers like Liz Kohler Brown, Di Ujdi and Lisa Bardot. Wendy loves experimenting with Procreate, Procreate Dreams, Nomad sculpt, and Blender to make more interesting designs or mockups. Pattern Observer also is a great source for Wendy and recently she discovered the new platform ‘le creative lab’ from Claire Iglesias, which has helped push her design studio to a more professional level.

A lot of Wendy’s prints can be found on Spoonflower, but she started making prints this year that will not be found on Spoonflower and will only be available through a ‘private portfolio’ on her website. Wendy is really grateful for the Spoonflower community though and this year Wendy even had the chance to write a blogpost for Spoonflower on how to develop a modern minimalist bedding design collection.

Photo from Spoonflower

Next to licensing deals or commissioned artwork, Wendy also developed her own line of trays, available through her website and in several shops within Belgium. She plans on having one selling point in every province of Belgium and even beyond national borders. She also embarked on a 10-year course in ceramics, seeking to specialize in colorful interior objects. Lifelong learning is a must for Wendy, as she really needs that creative input, it’s like fuel!

Do you want to connect with Wendy (in Dutch, French or English)? You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn or you’re welcome to visit her colorful website and discover her newest look book!

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