Interview with Jane Lewis of P&B Textiles

I could not be more thrilled about today’s post!

I know many of you are interested in the quilt/ craft fabric marketplace, so last week I sat down with Jane Lewis, former Art Director of P&B Textiles, to ask her a few questions. We cover a vast array of important topics including:

1. What are manufacturers looking for in patterns or collections? What makes a collection irresistible to you? What would you like to see more of in quilting fabrics?

2. When you are making the decision on whether or not to purchase a print, how much does your decision depend on if it is in repeat or not?

3. Is there anything that is “just not done” with a fabric meant for quilting- sort of a quilter’s taboo?

4. How and when do you like to receive submissions? How many collections should we have in order to make a submission?


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