Featured Designer: Naila Malik

NailaMalik2NailaMalik1Naila Malik is a British textile designer and lecturer and you may remember her as our guest expert for February in The Textile Design Lab. Naila studied at Winchester School of Art and has worked in the fashion industry for several years designing for the high street, creating hand painted and CAD textile collections. She has also worked as a freelance designer for several London design studios including Palm Studios and Whiston and Wright, as well as working as a textile lecturer. As our guest expert, Naila provided free training on creative sketchbooks and we got to know her a little better in this interview. Today we would like to share some of Naila’s beautiful hand-painted artwork with you!

“I’m working on these bold painterly designs inspired by the work of Abstract artists. I have been combining my paintings and textiles together and enjoyed just allowing the paint to create interesting shadows, textures and marks.”

You can view more of Naila’s work on her Society6 page. She is currently available for any bespoke freelance work at naila.malik10@gmail.com. Enjoy the weekend! -Chelsea


  1. Wow – the colour in Naila’s work is amazing!! I had the pleasure of working with Naila many years ago and it is great to see how her work has evolved.
    A very talented artist!

  2. Naila’s work is just so beautiful. Thanks for reintroducing it again. I loved the creative sketchbook tutorial at the Pattern Observer Design Lab. Her tutorial has inspired me to get back to keeping a sketchbook and using it in a much more exciting way. It was great to be reminded to bring in color and other elements and allow things to be more immediate.

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