Featured Designer: Anna London

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It’s been a little dreary here in Montana this week and this collection by Anna London is just the little dose of sunshine I needed to end the week on a bright note! Anna is an alumni of several of our e-courses and studied art and design at UC Davis, where she discovered her love for pattern during a fabric printing and dyeing course in the fashion department.

Anna writes, “Since graduating in 2012 I’ve focused on learning as much as I can about creating patterns and the fabric design industry.

I moved from California to Berlin, Germany this year, and have been really inspired by living in a new city and learning a new culture. I work part time and spend my free time sketching and creating collections with a focus on quilting fabric. I love to sew and recently started quilting, so creating fabrics for other sewers is a dream job for me.

I start with an ink drawing or doodle, which then goes into Illustrator to be colored and put into repeat. I love to use bright colors and playful shapes, and I try to maintain a hand drawn feel in my work.”

Anna’s latest collection, featured in this post, is called Colorfield and “was inspired by a gorgeous flower farm that I saw on the side of the road while driving through Austria. I wanted to create a colorful bold collection that I would be excited to use in my own projects.”

See more from Anna at www.annalondon.com or find her on Facebook or Instagram! -Chelsea


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