Pattern Observer Instagram Challenge Recap: #POMarketing

Post by Chris Olson (@chris_coco_olson on Instagram)


Our most recent Instagram challenge focused on marketing—and making it beautiful. A big thank you to everyone who joined the photo challenge and shared examples of how you add your artistic touch to your portfolios, curated collections, logos, business cards, and more. Today we’re sharing a few of our faves from the submissions. If you want to check out the entire challenge just search for #POMarketing on Instagram. To keep informed about upcoming challenges, please join the Pattern Observer newsletter.


Pattern Observer’s Free Resources and Tutorials on Marketing

Here at Pattern Observer, you can find posts with marketing tips for designers including these recent tutorials on how to create collection snapshots and Instagram videos/slideshows. Or browse through our blog archive under the posts tagged “creative entrepreneurship.”


Pretty Portfolios and Curated Collections

PO-Marketing-collage-A@esther_emma, @fabricandfairytales, @rachelreynoldstextiels, @claddesign_, @debbie_sun_design_studio,


PO-Marketing-collage-B@candogirldesign, @katzdestext, @danielaglassop, @breezedesignstudio, @hollyhelgesondesigns, @patternandrepeat

Lovely Logos

@sharon.landon, @pennycandyhm, @gstercc, @prancingpixel, @breezedesignstudio, @skinnylaminx, @lublamb,@fabricandfairytales, @thatgirlstudio, @stephanietroutnerdesigns, @danielaglassop, @karen_burton_art


@katzdestext, @marta_berk, @hollyhelgesondesigns, @paperondesign, @patternandrepeat, @wild_coral, @viola_karule, @tortagialla, @bonniecraig


Biz Card Bliss

@esther_emma, @pennycandyhm, @elizabethvictoriadesigns, @anwaar.saleh, @danielaglassop, @chris_coco_olson, @ashleycecil, @brendazapotosky, @leneike, @lisarivas


@barbchotiner, @kellyfannon, @sharon.landon, @rachelreynoldstextiles, @patternmethod, @paulalukey, @robin_z_studio, @prancingpixel, @beciward, @rugiadapetrelli, @bibliosophy


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