Nadia Hassan featured on Pattern Observer

Featured Designer: Nadia Hassan

Nadia Hassan featured on Pattern ObserverNadia Hassan featured on Pattern ObserverNadia Hassan featured on Pattern ObserverNadia Hassan featured on Pattern Observer

To wrap up the week we are delighted to welcome back Nadia Hassan, a Greensboro, North Carolina-based designer and illustrator. If you’re a long-time reader you may remember Nadia’s Pattern of the Week project which she started in 2013 to help her sharpen her skills, maintain a steady supply of new work, and share her creations with the world. Since then Nadia’s pattern design business has grown by leaps and bounds, with her work being featured in magazines such as Cloth and UPPERCASE, and exhibiting at Surtex with Pink Light Studio!

Nadia writes, “I have an undeniable passion for patterns, applying prints to anything that will sit still, from fabric and phone cases, to entire city streets! My style is still (and perhaps always will be) evolving, but my designs usually include bold graphics, clean lines, cheerful colors and a healthy dose of playfulness. I enjoy experimenting with abstraction, interlocking shapes, and the delicate balance between positive and negative space. As a self-proclaimed color enthusiast, I use pattern design as a means to celebrate and explore color. I draw inspiration from just about everywhere, including the many beautiful and bizarre forms found in nature, the incredible legacy of mid-century design, and the moments in everyday life where the mundane meets the serendipitous. For me, the process is as much about play as work; it’s an exciting investigation of ideas, colors, shapes, textures, and scale. Each day I look forward to discovering where the limitless possibilities will lead!”

Visit Nadia at or on Instagram @modmagpie. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! -Chelsea


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