Pattern Observer Instagram Challenge Recap: #POpaperplay

Pattern Observer Instagram Challenge Recap: #POpaperplayClockwise from upper left: @ken_chapple and Ruthie; @cattailcastle;; @elephantandrose
Pattern Observer Instagram Challenge Recap: #POpaperplayClockwise from upper left: @malikai_and_penny; @treefishjane; @smartnarty; @relatingtonature


*Post by Chris Olson (@chris_coco_olson on Instagram)*

What fuels your creative process? Our most recent Instagram challenge, #POpaperplay, was all about exploring new ways to create designs. In this challenge we encouraged artists to have fun and create art by crumpling, tearing, folding and playing around with paper. A big thank you to everyone who joined the design challenge and shared amazing art in the feed. Today we’re sharing a few of our faves from the submissions. If you want to check out the entire challenge just searchfor #POpaperplay on Instagram. To keep informed about upcoming challenges, please join the Pattern Observer newsletter.

Pattern Observer Instagram Challenge Recap: #POpaperplayClockwise from upper left: @neekienoo; @esther_emma; @chris_coco_olson; @elephantandrose

Pattern Observer Instagram Challenge Recap: #POpaperplayClockwise from upper left: @hidden_egg; @cattailcastle; @choreo_graphic_art; @curiouskittenstudio


We created this design challenge because patterns can have their beginnings in 3D artwork. In fact, just exploring and playing with new techniques in art can be the spark that fuels your next design. As Michelle explained in a recent blog post:

Opening ourselves up to new ways of creating and sharing various techniques is how we push our artwork forward. This can be done by talking through our frustrations with a partner or friend, by visiting a gallery, or even reading a book.


Another realization in this process was that I don’t need to start all of my projects with 2D art or textures that are scanned into the computer. I can build something, take a photo and then manipulate the photos in PS or AI. As of now, paper is as far as I have taken this new found concept development technique, but there is so much left to explore. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to challenge my mind, either.

Back to the challenge, we had so many wonderful submissions by designers. Your #POpaperplay artwork as well as your comments about the designs were inspiring. Here are some more of the submissions.
Pattern Observer Instagram Challenge Recap: #POpaperplayClockwise from upper left: @rishnewyork; @chelseavonhasseln; @carollelivelt; @aliciachimentoart
Pattern Observer Instagram Challenge Recap: #POpaperplayClockwise from upper left: @hidden_egg; @janine7667; @neekienoo; @laragurneyart
Thanks so much for hanging out with @patternobserver over on Instagram. We’ll have a new design challenge soon. And remember, participating in social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are excellent ways to build relationships with other artists—as well as a way to get recognized by art directors or buyers in the textile design industry.
This Instagram challenge has been organized by designer Chris Olson. Chris is a Colorado-based illustrator and surface designer known for her modern playful illustrations and designs that you can view at She writes and sketches about all things design at Pattern Bliss blog. You can follow Chris on Instagram at @chris_coco_olson.

At Pattern Observer we strive to help you grow your textile design business through our informative articles, interviews, tutorials, workshops and our private design community, The Textile Design Lab.

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