The Key to Creating Repeating Patterns with Ease

There is a rising trend for agents and studios, and that is the trend of requiring all pattern designs to be in repeat. Because of this, creating repeating patterns has become increasingly important. Pattern designers need to learn how to create high quality repeats in less time, which will lead to an increase in sales and positive responses from agents, creative directors, and clients.

This need for creating repeating patterns with more ease is why we’ve updated our popular repeat course—The Ultimate Guide to Repeats.

In the Ultimate Guide to Repeats course you’ll:

  1. Make sure you don’t lose business due to submitting poor quality repeats to agents, studios, and clients,
  2. More easily identify mistakes within your work and fix them in less time,
  3. Discover four different methods for creating repeating patterns and learn which method should be used based upon your artistic style,
  4. Create repeats that flow easily with no apparent “lines”,
  5. Prepare your repeats for clients & factory production
  6. Download a factory-ready template to use when sending repeats to clients,
  7. Speed up your repeat process,
  8. Access 15 video lessons that walk you step-by-step through the process of creating repeats
  9. Download exercise pattern files to use as you as you watch our tutorials and techniques,
  10. Master creating repeating patterns in both Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop (affiliate link)

Give yourself the knowledge to grow in your career, and have fun while doing it! Don’t deny yourself what it takes to become better at creating repeating patterns. Grab your spot here.







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