Is Fabric Printing for You?

Interested in designing your own fabric? There are many companies that specialize in digital fabric printing to help you with this decision. However, as helpful as these options are meant to be, they can also be overwhelming when you first get started. To help you out, we are going to give you a list of ten digital fabric printers to consider as you are doing your research. But first…what is digital fabric printing?

What Is Digital Fabric Printing?

Digital fabric printing is an inkjet-based method of applying a pattern to fabric. It is similar to the process used by the inkjet printer you may have in your home or office, but on a much larger scale and with more ink variation. In this process, fabric is fed through a digital fabric printer with a large roller. Ink is applied to the surface of the fabric and set with either heat or steam.

Digital printing is a designer’s dream because it’s possible to print using hundreds of colors. Since screens are not used, like in traditional screen printing, the color combinations and possibilities are endless.

11 Options for Digital Fabric Printing

​Little Cocalico

Little Cocalico was founded in 2021 by Jon and Jen Boll with a commitment to revolutionize the print-on-demand fabric industry by offering premium quality natural fiber and organic fabrics with incredibly personal service and 2-3 day TAT. Little Cocalico has recently began to expand into offering custom finished goods for tabletop and home decor. They offer:​

  • ​25 fabric choice, including American-milled and organic options
  • Based in Reinholds, PA
  • Additional products or services: Finished home decor and tabletop items, wholesale program
  • Online file upload? Yes

Visit Little Cocoalico to learn more.


Spoonflower is one of the most popular companies for digital fabric printing. It was founded in May 2008 by Stephen Fraser and Gart Davis. Now, in addition to custom fabric, they also produce custom wallpaper and gift wrap. Spoonflower has over 20 fabric options ranging in prices from $18.50-$59.00 a yard. I have printed on a number of their fabrics, including Silky Faille and Petal Signature Cotton. One thing is for certain, I have always been impressed with the quality of both the fabric and the printing accuracy. They offer:

  • 21 fabric options
  • $18.50-$59.00 a yard
  • Based in Durham, NC, USA
  • Additional products or services: wallpaper and gift wrap
  • Online file upload? Yes

Visit Spoonflower to learn more.

Adaptive Textiles

Adaptive Textiles was founded in 2004 and is a popular option for many designers who are starting their own fabric company but still need low minimums. Many of our freelance clients have worked with Adaptive Textiles and they have always been pleased with the experience. They offer:

  • 14 fabric options
  • Based in West Chester, PA, USA
  • Additional products or services: production, Warehousing & Fulfillment
  • Online file upload? No

Visit Adaptive Textiles to learn more and request their current prices.

Decor Print

Decor print is the brainchild of DeeDee Davis, designer, artist, mother, and digital printer since the year 2000. In addition to fabric and wallpaper, you can also apply your custom pattern design to fabric masks. They offer:

  • 27 fabric choices
  • Based in Fort Mill, SC, USA
  • Additional products or services: wallpaper and face masks
  • Online file upload? No

Visit Décor Print to learn more.


Design2Print NYC is a custom design, digital fabric printing studio focusing on providing the highest quality of printed fabric. They have over 19 years of the expertise and focus on printing on polyester fabric for apparel, activewear, swimwear, costume, accessories, interiors, and promotion. When one of our clients is looking for the highest quality fabrics around, I always encourage them to consider Design2Print NYC. They offer:

  • 29 fabric options
  • Based in New York City, NY, USA
  • Additional products or services: file set up and design services
  • Online file upload? No

Visit Design2printNYC to learn more.


Contrado was founded in 2003 with a mission to “facilitate other people’s creativity by connecting people who make, buy and sell.” They have a beautiful website that walks you step by step through the fabric printing process. They offer:

  • 100+ fabric options
  • Based in London, UK
  • Additional products or services: they have countless other products that can be customized. Everything from journals to dresses.
  • Online file upload? Yes

Visit Contrado to learn more.

Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Raspberry Creek Fabrics was founded in 2010. Almost 10 years later, Raspberry Creek Fabrics has expanded from carrying just a few bolts of cotton spandex jersey on Etsy, to having hundreds of apparel fabrics in stock and offering eco-friendly in-house textile printing. They offer:

  • 3 fabric options are listed online, but they have additional fabrics on their price list which they are able to source upon request
  • Based in Sandy, UT, USA
  • Additional products or services: wholesale options are available
  • Online file upload? No

Visit Raspberry Creek Fabrics to learn more.

Citrus Rain

Citrus Rain is a Manchester based textile printer and manufacturer offering trade customers and retailers a fast and flexible production facility. In addition to fabrics, they offer a wide variety of other products that can be customized. They offer:

  • 36 fabric options
  • Manchester, UK
  • Additional products or services: everything from sarongs to blinds
  • Online file upload? Yes

Visit Citrus Rain to learn more.

Other Digital Fabric Printing Options:

Papilio Prints


lts Design

Fabric On Demand

Getting Started With Fabric Printing

Before starting your digital fabric printing project, I highly recommend ordering both the fabric swatch and printed color guides available through most printers. Digital fabric printing is an investment and it’s helpful to know what to expect in terms of fabric quality.

What are your experiences with digital fabric printing? Do you have a go-to printer that you would like to recommend? Please add their name in the comments below!

  1. Hello, I am really interested in different perspectives as I have used/using Adaptive but they are not capturing all my needs. I can elaborate, but looking to expand my selection of products and need a better solution regarding sewn wares after printing. Adaptive is good for my pillows and pouches, but are expensive. You do get a luxe product, however, and it is up to my standards. I’ve tried Spoonflower and you can’t compare quality of fabrics and printing. Looking to do napkins, scarves, & bags. It’s nice when they can print yardage, and then make cut and sew products.

    Does anyone else have similar experiences with the other printers?

    1. Do you mean you can’t compare Spoonflower as in Spoonflower is the best or Adaptive is better?

      1. Adaptive is better as I find their fabrics for pillows are better and their printing is superior. That said, I do find some uses for Spoonflower but it’s hit and miss.

    2. Hi, I’m working with Silk Bureau from UK. They are very flexible (need only 1 m as minimum Q); have a lot of natural fabrics and some new eco fabrics; services before& after printing, including sewing by machine or hand.
      I’m from EU. I can[t work with US printing bureau being to far.

  2. This is a great list, so useful!!

    Right now I’m actually looking for a printer that is based in Italy, as this is where I live and I would like to locally produce. By any chance does anyone know a good printer with low minimums in Italy? ☺️

  3. Here are some Digital Printers in Australia that do meterage:
    Next State Print – Melbourne – Small minimums – Knits & wovens, Natural and Synthetic – very helpful/supportive
    Frankie & Swiss – Melbourne – Small minimums – Good selection of Natural fabrics + Synthetic
    Think Positive – Sydney – also London – long term in the industry
    Longina Phillips – Sydney – High end – larger quantities
    Digital Fabrics – Sydney -better with their Synthetic fabric than natural – helpful for starting out
    Also others like Printhaus – Sydney, KETextiles – Melbourne and VapourPrint – Melbourne (Synthetic only)
    Also a range of small format printers (i.e. advertise to print on T shirts) useful for tea towels, small samples etc.

  4. Thanks for the list
    Would get in touch with one of two of them and hope they would be useful as am just new in this fabric,Although, I have some designs .

  5. This is great Michelle! I don’t think I saw any printers in California or west coast-does anyone have recommendations in those areas? I would love to focus closer to my studio if possible. Also, I am interested in printing on natural fabrics especially linen. I have samples from Adaptive which look great but haven’t tried them yet. Any recommendations for printing on linen would be great-although I will click on all the links in this article and see if something turns up. Thanks!

  6. The Textile District is an online fabric retailer and digital fabric printer based in NC that prints any design (ours or yours) on 17+ fabric options, silk to canvas. Reactive dyes, Oeko-Tex certified process. All natural fibers are steamed, washed and dried so production ready.

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