A New Design Challenge for January: “Meander”

Photo by adrian on Unsplash
Photo by adrian on Unsplash

Our Chelsea’s Challenge for January in the Textile Design Lab is “Meander,” a theme inspired by very sinuous, winding line work. By including flowers and motifs from nature, this theme can be interpreted in a very Art Nouveau-inspired way, or it could just be lines and more of an abstract pattern. Further details and three inspiring moodboards are available to Lab members.

When you participate in our monthly design challenge you can post your work for feedback on our private forum, and receive helpful advice from fellow Lab members as well as the Textile Design Lab team, which includes such industry experts as MaryJane Mitchell, Lise Gulassa, and Laura Olivia. You can also workshop your patterns-in-progress during our weekly live art critiques.

(L) Photo by Ethan Hoover on Unsplash (R) Pattern by Michelle Fifis of Pattern Observer Studio
(L) Photo by Ethan Hoover on Unsplash (R) Pattern by Michelle Fifis of Pattern Observer Studio

The Meander challenge kicked off on Monday but Lab members have four weeks to complete their pattern collections, with a due date of Monday, February 5th. This allows ample time to develop 3-5 patterns (one “moneymaker” or main print, and 2-4 coordinates) that have a unified palette and work cohesively together as collection.

Check out some collections from past challenges on our Chelsea’s Challenge Pinterest board. Want to get involved? Join us in the Textile Design Lab to take part and build your portfolio. We hope to see you there!




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