Textile Design Lab Member Highlight: Scotland

We are now on week five of our eight week Summer of Creativity journey in the Textile Design Lab. This year’s theme is travel, and each week we explore a new “destination.” So far we have visited Cape CodJapan, Malaysia & Singapore, and last week we explored the trademark tartans of Scotland. Our Lab members blew us away with their varied interpretations of the plaid theme, from whimsical watercolors to highly detailed digital designs. The patterns and collections you see below were created in just seven days and were based on three trend-driven inspiration boards we provided at the start of the week. Congrats to all the members who completed last week’s brief, and we can’t wait to share more of their patterns with you next week!




(L) Pattern by Beatrice Kim (R) Pattern by Sarah Nussbaumer



(L) Pattern by Colour Book Studio (R) Pattern by Carrie Esplin



(L) Collection by Judy Anderson (R) Collection by Christa Schoenbrodt




(L) Collection by Kelly Lahl (R) Collection by Lucy Conway



(L) Collection by Leigh Cornell (R) Collection by Crystal Kruger



(L) Collection by Jill Craig (R) Collection by Terry Stone



(L) Pattern by Mike Vancoillie (R) Pattern by Julie Saunders



(L) Pattern by Gill Ferguson (R) Pattern by Esther Loopstra



(L) Pattern by Batoul Yazdanian (C) Pattern by Susan Brand (R) Pattern by Chrissy French-Finch



(L) Collection by Toile de Lina (R) Collection by John Wylie

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